My painting aims to be concrete like the music composed from preexisting sound materials. Papers and canvases  are designed  from realities, often things, but also landscapes, figures, inscriptions, etc. These realities are like a pretext to the exercise of painting, of composition. What matters is the space of the canvas or the paper . My painting does not aim to erase the realities; but it's a world in itself.
Successful canvases and papers are those for which the realization prevailed over an initial project, a drawing and an idea of the result.  Realization  produces something else, an unexpected result. Maybe painting is an anti-project.
Until the 2000s, majority of my canvases ranged from 60.60 to 120.120. From the 2000s, I use  also small formats. It's  always a difficult exercise .

Drawings, canvases and papers can be organised according to four themes

animalité humanité

Animality/Humanity Thing/Nothing Fruit/Flower City/Landscape