Serge Thibault

Canvases Papers Sketchbooks


My painting aims to be concrete like the music composed from preexisting sound materials. Papers and canvases  are designed  from realities, often things, but also landscapes, figures, inscriptions, etc. These realities are like a pretext to the exercise of painting, of composition. What matters is the space of the canvas or the paper . My painting does not aim to erase the realities; but it's a world in itself.

Drawings, canvases and papers can be organised according to four sets, Animality/Humanity, Thing/Nothing, Fruit/Flower/ City/Landscape. These sets represent the parts of reality I use to the exercise of composition..

Lastest works
An untitle canvas, but a marked figuration, Animality/Humanity set, with two small canvases dedicated to the cup and the knife, present within the large canvas. These last two belong to a production I qualify as theoretical.