Today, painting is my daily activity. Some years ago, painting had gone along with my scientific activity. I had never given up one in favor of the other, thinking that’s two knowledge activities enriching each other. But science and art are two distinct ways of knowledge. Science tries to explain material, immaterial, living … organizations of our universe, from smallest to largest, by discovering elements, structures and activities that organize them. Art unveils our “Etre-au-Monde”, by creating objects and representations that appear and make visible relationships of coexistence we develop with our environment. With two distinct purposes, explanatory for science, unveiling for art, these two ways of production and creation have in common to define what is beyond visible and common perceptions.


My painting combines representation and abstraction. Canvases and papers are designed and produced from pictorial objects like things, landscapes, animals, faces. So, my painting has a figurative dimension. But space of canvas and paper, what is done, are more important. My painting doesn't erase pictorial objects used, even if it aims for unveiling by creating a world in itself; So, my painting has an abstract dimension. And maybe, I would like paint and compose from anything. The validity of the result is an emergence which depends on the process of creation and the value of the composition; By composition, I mean something that appears like an organized whole. Successful works are those for which realization prevailed over the initial project. Maybe my painting is an anti-project. Art can’t be reduced to its conceptual stage; It needs the materiality of realization. Until the 2000s, my used formats, dominated by the square, ranged from 60.60 to 120.120. From the 2000s, I use small format, an exercise that remains perilous.

Four sets

Drawings, canvases, papers can be presented in many ways, by date of production, by techniques used, etc. It can be presented by pictorial objects used, in limited number. But It’s not a partition that results from this last classification, because a production can associate several pictorial objects. Despite that, I propose four sets:

Animality / Humanity, Object / Without Object, Fruit / Flower, City / Landscape